The funky song marks a departure from Lee's more intimate acoustic fare. "I was really interested in trying to combine elements of alternative R&B," he tells PEOPLE. "I've been listening to a lot of stuff like Schoolboy Q and early Weeknd, and I was just really digging how tracks were built. I grew up listening to mostly R&B music, so I was never a stranger to anything of that nature. I mean, I'm from Philly! But to be able to play that stuff in a live setting with a live drummer is a lot more challenging." Lee credits the many hours logged on the concert stage with inspiring a more collaborative approach in the studio. Melodies that had previously been heard on a lone acoustic guitar or as a delicate piano figure are now enhanced by multi-hued accompaniment, bringing the songs to life in vibrant Technicolor. "I think playing in a live setting with my band over the last couple years has really helped me to develop a sense of arrangement and how to make things dynamic."

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Video of Amos Lee - Vaporize



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