Handwritten Note



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jezziemaepeach's picture

Yes! I think this is what I see and feel everytime I see you in concert. And when I met you in Chattanooga a week ago, this is exactly what you are about! You don't do this for the fame. You do it for the love, and fame is just an afterthought that is a result of this. It's surprising to me that more do not know of your music. I will continue to come see you, and I will continue to tell others about you. Your music has changed my world, and I can't think of another artist who's music, humbleness, and love has touched me more than yours has. I look forward to meeting you again....having coffee with you, picking your brain...that would be such a wonderful thing...if you are ever in the area (Atlanta, Chattanooga, nearby, etc) please...take an hour. Say hi...let's get coffee...I want to grow spiritually, and I would enjoy hearing your stories and feeling your energy, one on one :)

rainingroses3's picture

I absolutely  love my profession. I own my business as a massage therapist, and listen to your lyrics and amazing music. 

That note gave me chills. 

You inspire me. 

Can not wait to see you live. 

laurierodic77's picture

 I love this message.  Living your life by the way of universal love...seeing all things with love.  If we could all understand this message the world would be a better place.  The song "Spirit" has touched my soul and I am grateful for the messages that are portrayed in this album.  Can't wait to see you in concert once again in Milwaukee.