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laurierodic77's picture

 I love this message.  Living your life by the way of universal love...seeing all things with love.  If we could all understand this message the world would be a better place.  The song "Spirit" has touched my soul and I am grateful for the messages that are portrayed in this album.  Can't wait to see you in concert once again in Milwaukee.  

Cindy_Cordova's picture

Just saw you in concert for the first time, and I was WOW'ed by your range and incredible performances! This was at the Boston Opera House, and I do hope that a DVD is in the making from this tour, please, because I want to buy it and play on repeat! Please let us know! Thank you for you Spirit and your gifts to us with your incredible voice! 

Dkcc's picture

Love, love, love the new album. I've listened to at least 25 times over the last three days. Can't wait to hear in person at Buell in November.

gypsymama986's picture

Just found it; am listening to Spirit for the first time and I am sure just like your others, the 100th time will be as new and refreshing as the very first time.

You are sacred and special to me and I value the fact that you do what you love and you love what you do. Thank You X10

Much Love