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kravfoodtruck123's picture

Ok so I'm posting this for the 4th time because I don't think you received my comment. My name is Kathy and my husband to be is Todd we own a food truck and restaurant and I swear we are your biggest fans! We follow you all over because you are our love story and your music will be played at our wedding, see you in Cleveland, please say hello to us!

larry's picture

Dear Amos Lee, I purchased tickets and flew my mom out to see you at the Zoo in Minneapolis this week (Wednesday 7/26). Torrential rain and hale came down after you only got through 3 songs (although I must Say hearing you sing Purple Rain was pretty awesome). It was a dream of my mom's, who has macular degeneration and is losing her eyesight quickly, to see you live. I don't think the opportunity will come again, and I wondered if you would ever consider sending a note addressed to a major fan? Her Name is Marilyn. I would happily send her address with your permission. Really love the new album! Huge fan of Kahlil Gibran as well. Peace! Larry

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Dear Amos: Hey! Several suggestions FYI: I hope on your next tour, you'll have these souvenirs: tour book program, key chain, lanyard and baseball cap. Also, come to: Queens, NY and Detroit, MI.