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Dear Amos: Hey! Several suggestions FYI: I hope on your next tour, you'll have these souvenirs: tour book program, key chain, lanyard and baseball cap. Also, come to: Queens, NY and Detroit, MI.

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Dear Amos Lee: Hey! I won tickets for your show on 3/4/17 in Fort Lauderdale, FL. That experience was . . . seeing your performance was beautiful.

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Hi Amos,  We are big fans and are from  the south jersey, philly area.     We are getting married on October 27, 2017 and looks like you might be taking a break from your tour.  We would love for you to be our guest.  Would you visit for a few minutes and sing a song or 2?  It would be the best wedding gift I could give my fiance .  We are getting married at a restaurant in Cherry Hill,  ( the town you grew up in,   keeping it low key. We would keep it a secret if you decided to show.    

Very Sincerely, 

Danielle Sowers