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Mr. Lee,

My name is Adam. I am not naïve enough to think that you personally read all of your emails, but I want to ask a favor. I am a divorcee dating a super cool lady. She was married before, but for only 2 months before her husband died tragically in an accident where he fell off of a ladder while working on a house. He was a talented and successful self employed guy. I never met him, but it still ways heavily on my girls heart more than 3 years later. One of the many things that got her through her loss was your music. You are without a doubt her favorite artist by miles! You are going to be playing a show here in Knoxville, TN on Monday September 26. I got tickets for us the day they went on sell and she was super stoked. I know this may be a pie in the sky request, but if there is anyway she could get a backstage pass to meet you or even if you could give her a "shout out" during your show it would make her day. Her name is Valerie Haselden and I am pretty sure she could not get to where she is in her life without the grace of God and your music. Never huts to ask, so I am giving it a go. Looking forward to seeing the show!


Adam Branson